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Micro Shops take advantage of the latest technology and innovation to deliver an unmanned solution, which means the Micro Shop is open and available to use 24 hours a day. 

What is a Micro Shop?

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A Micro Shop is a designated area in your establishment that allows team members and visitors to browse, select a variety of food, beverages and other items in a convenience store fashion and then use a self check-out facility.  In the modern, ever changing world, the Micro Shop adapts well to all situations, with pre-packaged items, touch screens and a spacious open design that encourages social distancing.

We will design a bespoke shop layout that works, fit, maintain and replenish your Micro Shop for you. This means you’re dealing with just one company from start to finish, delivering a stress free experience.

There are a large variety of Micro Shop combinations available, including the coffee, chillers, freezers, retail units and more. Mix and match to create the perfect break and lunch area your colleagues and visitors will love.

Call us today to find out more..

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