The Equipment

We pick the best vending machines on the market to deliver our services to the high standards we're used to. Our equipment can be seen across hundreds of sites, in all shapes and sizes, each catered to the specific needs of the business and, most importantly, the people using it.

Coffetek Vitro
Westomatic Sigma Touch
Carmali Armonia
Thermoplan B&W

Our coffee machines range from affordable tabletop models that suit a small team of coffee drinkers, to full towers designed for heavy use and traditional  machines made to offer a classic coffee shop experience.

If you're looking for a snack, food and cold drinks solution, we can provide the equipment that would suit any requirements. We're always on the look for the latest technology in vending, which is reflected in our selection of machines

Westomati Easy 6000
Samba Touch

Water Coolers

& Boilers

For a complete refreshment station we also supply a modern range of water coolers designed to blend in with the rest of your vending equipment.

Borg & Overstom Water Cooler
Instanta Water Boiler

Coffee Machines

Snack Machines