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We cover most industry sectors and have a good understanding of the specific requirements of each type of business that we work with. ​From hospitals and universities to coffee shops and service stations, we can adapt to any size business and have got a portfolio of hundreds of diverse customers to attest to our experience.



Fancy Coffee

We supply coffee where coffee matters. From coffee shops to bars, restaurants and hotels, we've got a machine and a bean for everyone.

We're also the preferred supplier of leading catering companies in the South West and understand the logistics of making coffee and snacks readily available to a large group of people on a 24/7 basis.

Hospitality & Catering

Contemporary Boardroom

A cup of coffee or tea on your desk is sure to boost morale and productivity, which is why we believe no office should be without a reliable source of hot drinks. No team of employees would ever object to a snack machine either, which is not only a convenient way to top up your lunch but can also be an extra source of income for your company, as well as a bonus to the company's image.


Hospital Cafeteria

We understand the criteria that healthcare and education institutions have to comply to and we've got the experience to adapt our vending package to those specific requirements.

This experience and our focus on both the institution and the clients' needs, be them students or patients, have earned us some of the largest NHS contracts in the South West, as well as contracts with prestigious educational institutions.

Healthcare & Education

Contemporary Boardroom

Some of our biggest customers run 24-hour shifts, which means we have to be ready for the unexpected. That's why we offer a level of service that guarantees continuous reliability of the equipment and supplies. Our responsive service department and customer-oriented team of operators will ensure that your staff are able to make use of the vending equipment available to them at any hour of day or night.

Manufacturing &
               Public Transport

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